Operational Chart

Operational Chart

Overview of PEGASAS

Each General Aviation (GA) enthusiast can readily suggest a list of challenges facing general aviation – ranging from the familiar frustrations of weather to the new opportunities of NextGen technology. A majority of these challenges fall within one of three key categories: safety, accessibility and sustainability. The Center of Excellence for General Aviation is structured around these thrust areas, and entitled the Partnership to Enhance General Aviation Safety, Accessibility and Sustainability (PEGASAS).

The mission of PEGASAS is to enhance general aviation safety, accessibility, and sustainability by partnering the FAA with a national network of world-class researchers, educators and industry leaders.

Through unique approaches to research, education, and outreach, PEGASAS focuses upon increasing safety by mitigating the risk facing general aviation pilots, passengers, and property. PEGASAS’ work also strives to help ensure that general aviation remains accessible across the spectrum of general aviation, from the light sport aircraft owner to those flying in fully instrumented, fully equipped business jets. Finally, PEGASAS strives to expand general aviation’s sustainability in a way that allows general aviation to serve the needs of future stakeholders, encompassing environmental, economic, and educational concerns.

PEGASAS is comprised of world-renowned universities and institutes with top-tier aviation programs as well as highly respected schools of engineering, science and policy. PEGASAS has the unique ability to recruit and engage students and faculty that may not yet be directly involved in the general aviation arena but are top in their respective core fields with interests applicable to aviation. This ability is further strengthened by the fact that PEGASAS members not only have nationally recognized collegiate flight education programs, but three of the six core members also own and operate their own airports (Purdue, Ohio State, Texas A&M). Other PEGASAS members have well-established relationships with their community airports and maintain facilities and aircraft fleet at those airports. PEGASAS’ integration of aviation and engineering strengthens all aspects of the FAA key research areas.

PEGASAS views research as a truly collaborative effort. Nearly all research projects are to be performed by a partnership of principal investigators from multiple universities. PEGASAS is able to accomplish this collaboration by fully understanding each university’s individual core strengths supported by strong collegial working relationships.

The PEGASAS team also believes that the Center’s research should be strategic in nature. Rather than an ad-hoc collection of “one-off” projects, PEGASAS seeks to integrate its research, so that results from one project directly contribute to other projects, and so that all projects seek to address PEGASAS’ overall themes: enhancing safety, accessibility, and sustainability. PEGASAS intends to perform based on this perspective, through careful crafting of research projects, in partnership with the FAA, and demonstrating of research performed through forums that present under the umbrella of the PEGASAS mission.

PEGASAS has established an extended network of relevant state and local general aviation-related organizations and industry affiliates. Our affiliates extend from local to multi-national and include a representative sample within the aviation industry’s broad spectrum: from suppliers to manufacturers, from professional organizations to airports and government agencies. A representative sample of these stakeholders serve on our Advisory Board, meeting with PEGASAS leadership regularly to provide feedback on research, education and outreach projects.

Industrial Advisory Board - as of January 22, 2014

First rotation (starting September 2013)

Chair: Randy Nelson, Nelson Consulting

Category Organization / Company Term
Airframers Gulfstream Sep 2013 – Aug 2015
Cessna Sep 2013 – Aug 2016
Equipment Continental Motors Sep 2013 – Aug 2016
CAPACG Sep 2013 – Aug 2017
Operators / Organizations NetJets Sep 2013 – Aug 2015
JetAviva Sep 2013 – Aug 2016
GAMA Sep 2013 – Aug 2016
Airports Columbus Airports Sep 2013 – Aug 2015


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