Project 01 - Heated Airport Pavements

Influence of Mix Design Variables on Engineering Properties of Carbon Fiber-Modified Electrically Conductive Concrete

October 2017 - Construction and Building Materials: This research was inspired by the need to optimize the mix design of electrically conductive concrete (ECON) for field implementation. Carbon fiber was used for producing ECON with different mixing proportions and constituents. Calcium nitrite-based corrosion inhibitor admixture and methylcellulose were used as conductivity-enhancing agent (CEA) and fiber-dispersive agent (FDA) respectively. Five easy-to-change mix design variables were evaluated for their effects on electrical conductivity and strength of ECON: carbon fiber dosage, fiber length, coarse-to-fine aggregate volume ratio (C/F), CEA dosage, and FDA dosage. The results approved the effectiveness of the applied CEA in improving electrical conductivity while positively influencing strength. Conductivity was significantly influenced by: fiber content, C/F, fiber length, and CEA dosage. The dosages of Fiber, CEA, and FDA exerted significant influence on compressive strength. C/F and FDA dosage were significant variables influencing flexural strength.

October 2017 - Construction and Building Materials 152:168-181