Research Projects

Airport Technology R&D

Airport Safety Database and Analysis

Drop-In Aviation Fuel Fire Safety

Heated Airport Pavements

Runway Centerline Deviation Study

Pavement Marking Presence Tool

Aviation Rumble Strips to Enhance Aviation Safety

Linear LED Lighting

LED Taxiway Lighting System Testing and Monitoring

Modeling and Specification of LED Based Runway Lighting Systems

Study of Safety Management Software for Airports

Alternative Aviation Fuels Fire Safety

Midpoint Runway Marking

LED Lighting: Hot/Cold Performance Testing

Acquisition Distance of LED Based Runway Closure Lighting


Weather Technology in the Cockpit Program

Human Factors

Center of Excellence Student Outreach

Runway Safety Human Factors

Problem Solving/Decision Making and Procedures for Unexpected Events

Pilot Performance Considerations for Sensor Technologies

Software and Systems

Rotorcraft ASIAS

Angle of Attack Equipment

Safety Analysis for General Aviation

Aircraft Systems Information Security Protection (ASISP) Cybersecurity

Characterization of Derived Angle of Attack and Flight Path Angle Algorithms

General Aviation Runway Incursions

General Aviation 2030: GA Exploratory Analyses

Structures & Propulsion

No current projects.