Overview of PEGASAS

Each General Aviation (GA) enthusiast can readily suggest a list of challenges facing general aviation – ranging from the familiar frustrations of weather to the new opportunities of NextGen technology. A majority of these challenges fall within one of three key categories: safety, accessibility and sustainability. The Center of Excellence for General Aviation is structured around these thrust areas, and entitled the Partnership to Enhance General Aviation Safety, Accessibility and Sustainability (PEGASAS).

The mission of PEGASAS is to enhance general aviation safety, accessibility, and sustainability by partnering the FAA with a national network of world-class researchers, educators and industry leaders.

Core Universities of PEGASAS

Affiliate Universities of PEGASAS

Affiliate Universities serve an important role in PEGASAS - expanding the capability and capacity to support General Aviation Research. They can provide research expertise, equipment (laboratory, aircraft, flight simulators and training devices, etc) and geographic diversity when needed. Affiliate Universities are our preferred subcontractors on PEGASAS projects.

Our Affliate Universites include Arizona State University, Florida A&M University, Hampton University, Kent State University, North Carolina A&T State University, Oklahoma State University, Oregon State University, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Tufts University, University of Minnesota-Duluth, and Western Michigan University.

Industry and Organization Partners of PEGASAS

PEGASAS has established an extended network of relevant aviation-related organizations and industry partners. Our partners extend from local to multi-national organizations and includes a representative sample within the aviation industry's broad spectrum.