Project 01 Heated Airport Pavements

Project 02 Rotorcraft ASIAS

Project 05 Safety Analysis for General Aviation

Project 26 Drop In Aviation Fuels Fire Safety

Project 27 Heated Pavements Phase Change Materials

Project 30 Scenario Based Training for Rotorcraft

Project 32 Rotorcraft Wire Strike

Most Recent

Anomaly Detection in General-Aviation Operations Using Energy Metrics and Flight-Data Records
Among the operations in the general-aviation community, one of the most important objectives is to improve safety across all...
Updated Oct 09, 2021
Binary Mixtures of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters as Phase Change Materials for Low Temperature Applications
Incorporating phase change materials (PCMs) into concrete pavements has been suggested as a means to improve anti-icing...
Updated Oct 12, 2021
Development of Carbon Fiber-modified Electrically Conductive Concrete for Implementation in Des Moines International Airport
This paper reports on the procedures of mix design preparation, production, placement, and performance evaluation of the first...
Updated Oct 09, 2021
Evaluating the Use of Phase Change Materials in Concrete Pavement to Melt Ice and Snow
This paper investigates the potential use of phase change materials (PCM) in concrete pavements to store heat, which can be used...
Updated Oct 12, 2021
Exploring ADS-B as an Alternative Data Source for Flight Data Monitoring of General Aviation
Flight data monitoring (FDM) is believed to be effective for mitigating risks of aviation accidents by the International Civil...
Updated Oct 12, 2021

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