Project 01 Heated Airport Pavements

Project 02 Rotorcraft ASIAS

Project 05 Safety Analysis for General Aviation

Project 06 Runway Centerline Deviation

Project 25 General Aviation 2030: GA Exploratory Analysis

Project 26 Drop In Aviation Fuels Fire Safety

Project 27 Heated Pavements Phase Change Materials

Project 30 Scenario Based Training for Rotorcraft

Project 32 Rotorcraft Wire Strike

Project 33 Augmented Weather Information Project (AWIP)

Project 34 Helicopter Operations Weather Information

Project 35 Enhanced Hands-Minimized Weather Interfaces for Pilots

Most Recent

Runway Centerline Deviation Estimation from Point Clouds using LiDAR Imagery
Secure airport operations are an important part of the aviation safety, as about 20 percent of collisions between aircrafts and...
Updated Nov 14, 2021
Superhydrophobic Coatings on Portland Cement Concrete Surfaces
The objective of this study was to synthesize, characterize and evaluate the nanomaterials-based superhydrophobic (super...
Updated Oct 09, 2021
System Requirements for Electrically Conductive Concrete Heated Pavements
Ice and snow on airport pavements can contribute to flight cancellations and delays. Traditional deicing methods that involve...
Updated Nov 14, 2021
Tribological Behavior and Wettability of Spray-coated Superhydrophobic Coatings on Aluminum
Superhydrophobic surfaces that mimic surfaces found in nature, such as the lotus leaf, are an attractive research topic in...
Updated Nov 14, 2021
Using Three-Dimensional Augmented Reality to Enhance General Aviation Weather Training
This work evaluates augmented reality (AR) training materials for general aviation (GA) weather training. Reviews of GA weather...
Updated Nov 14, 2021

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