Project 01 Heated Airport Pavements

Project 02 Rotorcraft ASIAS

Project 05 Safety Analysis for General Aviation

Project 06 Runway Centerline Deviation

Project 25 General Aviation 2030: GA Exploratory Analysis

Project 26 Drop In Aviation Fuels Fire Safety

Project 27 Heated Pavements Phase Change Materials

Project 30 Scenario Based Training for Rotorcraft

Project 32 Rotorcraft Wire Strike

Project 33 Augmented Weather Information Project (AWIP)

Project 34 Helicopter Operations Weather Information

Project 35 Enhanced Hands-Minimized Weather Interfaces for Pilots

Most Recent

Influence of Mix Design Variables on Engineering Properties of Carbon Fiber-Modified Electrically Conductive Concrete
This research was inspired by the need to optimize the mix design of electrically conductive concrete (ECON) for field...
Updated Oct 09, 2021
Investigation of Feasibility of Using Low-Cost AHRS Devices to Detect General Aviation Hazardous States
General Aviation (GA) accidents constitute most of aviation related accidents. Flight data analysis has helped reduce the...
Updated Nov 14, 2021
Knowledge Discovery within ADS-B Data from Routine Helicopter Tour Operations
Knowledge discovery or data mining techniques are widely used for anomaly detection in the commercial aviation domain to...
Updated Nov 14, 2021
Lean Flammability Limits of Alternative Aviation Fuels
Alternative fuels are being certified to be used in aircraft. However, the fire-safety properties of these fuels are unknown....
Updated Oct 12, 2021
Middle Distillates Hydrogen Content via GC×GC-FID
Liquid transportation fuels in the middle distillate range contain thousands of hydrocarbons making the predictions and...
Updated Nov 14, 2021

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