Project 01 Heated Airport Pavements

Project 02 Rotorcraft ASIAS

Project 05 Safety Analysis for General Aviation

Project 06 Runway Centerline Deviation

Project 25 General Aviation 2030: GA Exploratory Analysis

Project 26 Drop In Aviation Fuels Fire Safety

Project 27 Heated Pavements Phase Change Materials

Project 30 Scenario Based Training for Rotorcraft

Project 32 Rotorcraft Wire Strike

Project 33 Augmented Weather Information Project (AWIP)

Project 34 Helicopter Operations Weather Information

Project 35 Enhanced Hands-Minimized Weather Interfaces for Pilots

Most Recent

Design and Construction of the World’s First Full-Scale Electrically Conductive Concrete Heated Airport Pavement System at a U.S. Airport
Airport agencies spend millions of dollars to remove ice and snow from airport pavement surfaces to achieve accessible, safe,...
Updated Nov 14, 2021
Detecting Safety Events during Approach in General Aviation Operations
General Aviation (GA) accounts for the vast majority of aviation accidents in the United States every year. As a result of the...
Updated Nov 14, 2021
Development of Aerodynamic Modeling and Calibration Methods for General Aviation Aircraft Performance Analysis – A Survey and Comparison of Models
Aircraft flight safety has been a main issue in General Aviation (GA) area. It is important to generate an accurate aerodynamic...
Updated Nov 14, 2021
Development of Carbon Fiber-modified Electrically Conductive Concrete for Implementation in Des Moines International Airport
This paper reports on the procedures of mix design preparation, production, placement, and performance evaluation of the first...
Updated Oct 09, 2021
Electrically Conductive Mortar Characterization for Self-Heating Airfield Concrete Pavement Mix Design
The overall objective of this paper is to investigate the types and proportions of nano-carbon based conductive materials...
Updated Nov 14, 2021

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