October 25, 2021

2021 PEGASAS Annual Award Winners

Outstanding Student Researcher Award

Each year, the PEGASAS universities select one student to be recognized at the PEGASAS Annual Meeting and receive the one Outstanding Student Researcher Award. The selection is based on technical merit and research considerations, academic performance, professionalism and leadership. Nominees are undergraduate and graduate students participating in current PEGASAS projects.

The winners for the 2021 Outstanding Student Researcher Award are:

Caleb Harris, from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Caleb is pursuing a PhD in Computational Science and Engineering and works on the Rotorcraft Wire Strike project.

Neelakshi Majumdar, from Purdue University. Neelakshi is pursuing a PhD in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering and is working on the Safety Analysis for General Aviation project.

Jimenez Faculty / Researcher Award

FAA Centers of Excellence Program Office encourages COEs to recognize outstanding faculty / researchers. Nominees for the award are any tenure track faculty members, non-tenure track (clinical or research), research engineers or research scientists active in PEGASAS projects and directly supervise students. The Jimenez Faculty / Researcher Award is named in memory of Dr. Hernando Jimenez, assistant site director for PEGASAS at Georgia Tech, who passed away suddenly on October 23, 2016

The winner for the 2021 Jimenez Faculty / Researcher Award is Dr. Michael Splitt. Dr. Splitt is an Assistant Professor and Online Programs Coordinator at the College of Aeronautics, Florida Institute of Technology. He has been working on the Augmented Weather Information Program and Helicopter Operations Weather Information.