August 7, 2023

PEGASAS Researchers Received Top Honors at 2023 ACRP Design Competition

Advisors to the winning teams have worked on PEGASAS projects at Purdue University over the years.

Airport Environmental Interactions Challenge:

Runway Safety/Runway Incursions/Runway Excursions Including Aprons, Ramps, and Taxiways:

Airport Management and Planning Challenge:

About the Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP):

The Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) carries out applied research on problems that are shared by airport operating agencies, not adequately addressed by existing federal research programs. The ACRP undertakes research and other technical activities in a variety of airport subject areas involving administration, environment, legal, policy, planning, safety, human resources, design, construction, maintenance, and operations at airports. ACRP is able to draw on its targeted research to help U. S. university students be engaged in contributing innovative approaches to issues facing our nation's airports and the National Airspace System. More about the ACRP...