March 3, 2021

Save the Date! PEGASAS 2021 Annual Meeting Update

As you know, PEGASAS has been working with the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) to co-locate the 2021 PEGASAS Annual Meeting with the AIAA Aviation 2021 Forum.

For those of you who are connected to AIAA, you have likely heard that AIAA has moved Aviation 2021 to a 100% virtual format from August 2nd-6th, 2021. The PEGASAS Annual Meeting will still be co-located—virtually—so that AIAA Aviation attendees could also visit the PEGASAS meeting presentations and activities. This provides us with the opportunity to reach a wider audience than PEGASAS normally reaches in our standalone annual meeting.

We will get more details as soon as we have them, but for now, please save these dates to participate in the Annual Meeting.